Lawmakers: State grant gives 1.4 acres in space for rooftop gardens in Greenpoint

Lawmakers say a state grant is giving Greenpoint about 1.4 acres in space for rooftop gardens.
Marni Majorelle, who founded the company Alive Structures, says she's making it her mission to put the green back into Greenpoint. Alive Structures installed a rooftop garden with space provided by film and TV production company Broadway Stages.

She says the rooftop garden helps beautify the area and helps an electrical unit use less energy.

The rooftop garden also has a water treatment plant.

New York State Assemblyman Joe Lentol pushed for the roughly $1.5 million grant from the state in order to create greener spaces around a neighborhood known for its pollution.
Founder of Alive Structures says she's putting the green back in Greenpoint