Lawyer for Cuomo accuser says governor created 'sexually hostile work environment'

The lawyer for the woman accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment said the governor cannot deny her client's allegations.
"We're seeing certain patterns, clear abuses of power here and there are clear patterns of how his inner staff silenced women when they came forward," said Charlotte Bennett's lawyer, Debra Katz.
Katz says Cuomo created a "sexually hostile work environment" for her client.
The lawyer confirmed Bennett met with investigators working for the state attorney general's office for more than four hours and provided them with 120 pages of records.
Katz says these records include text messages that Bennett had written to her parents and friends during the alleged harassment.
The now 25-year-old and former executive assistant has already spoken out, saying Cuomo made suggestive comments are remarks to her.
Katz called the investigators skilled and said they asked detailed questions.
"But they're going to get at this, they've already heard from other people, they've done the right thing. They put up a hotline, they put up a website to encourage other people to come forward and other people are coming forward," she said.
Cuomo is refusing to resign despite calls from New York lawmakers to do so.
President Joe Biden said if the investigation confirms the claims, Cuomo should resign.