'Leopoldstadt,' a story about four generations of a Jewish family, opens on Broadway

The drama 'Leopoldstadt' has opened on Broadway.
The story spans four generations of a Jewish family living in Vienna from 1899 to 1955. Written by famed British playwright Tom Stoppard, 'Leopoldstadt,' was first performed in London beginning in January, 2020.
The play's themes include Jewish identity, intermarriage, and what it means to assimilate within a larger culture.
Brandon Uranowitz is among the cast of 38 actors. Raised in a Jewish family in New Jersey, Uranowitz says the play has made him introspective about his own life experiences.
"There is something about this that is very personal to me having grown up with one great aunt in my family who was a survivor of the camps, " says Uranowitz, referring to the Holocaust.
The Tony nominated actor plays two roles in 'Leopoldstadt' -- Ludwig, a mathematician who is passionate about the creation of a Jewish state, and he also plays Nathan, Ludwig's great nephew who survives the Holocaust.
Leopoldstadt is being performed at the Longacre Theatre through January 29. It is directed by Patrick Marber, watch his interview here.