LGBTQ activists say they don’t want NYPD at upcoming Queer Liberation March

As Pride Month gets underway, some LGBTQ advocates are asking the NYPD to stay away from their events, citing years of what they term police violence.
Reclaim Pride Coalition alleges that there were several incidents of police brutality during the Queer Liberation March last June. 
During the majority of the event, they say police officers assigned to the march were respectful.However, organizers say that toward the end the Strategic Response Group came toward protesters and started attacking -- claiming the group was out past curfew. 
The group says there's a curfew at Washington Square Park when their event is being held this year -- which they believe to be ineffective. 
This year, they say they don't want the NYPD anywhere near their event. 
They plan to have alternative options to protect participants from violence that they say is committed by the NYPD.
The NYPD did not address claims of police brutality. The department says the curfew policy is set by the city’s Parks Department during weekends. 
The Queer Liberation March is scheduled for later this month and organizers are hoping for an event without issues.