Lobbying groups look to stop mayor from banning plastic bags

A number of lobbying groups are trying to put an end to Mayor Bill de Blasio's renewed demands to end the use of plastic bags in New York City.
If the demands were met, the city would join others across the country in imposing the ban, on the basis that it would protect the environment.
"We need to ban plastic bags," de Blasio tweeted Sunday. "They're bad for the environment, they're bad for the economy, they're bad for New York."
The mayor has long-advocated for imposing a fee on plastic bags, encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly paper.
The last time he tried to impose a 5 cent tax on plastic bags, Gov. Andrew Cuomo put a stop to it, saying there needs to be a statewide solution.
Opponents argue it would place an economic burden on shoppers. One example of lobbyist action is the American Progressive Bag Alliance, that has spent millions on petitioning to keep plastic bags in stores nationwide.