Local mother hosts blood drive in honor of her late son

Three times a year in her late son's honor, his mother, Irene Guanill, hosts this blood drive because he was an avid donor of blood.

Adolfo Carrion

Jan 4, 2024, 1:35 AM

Updated 196 days ago


January is National Blood Donor Month. A local mother held a blood drive on Wednesday to honor the life of her late son Jason.
Jason died in 2018 due to a sudden illness. Irene Guanill hosts a blood drive three times a year to honor her son because he was an avid blood donor.
"Be aware of what you can you can do to contribute to help another life, because just by donating blood, you're saving lives and your one blood donation can save up to three lives,” said Guanill.  
Guanill says these blood drives take place in January, June, and September each year. 

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