Local organization offers fellowship for Black and brown students entering tech industry

The Knowledge House is a nonprofit that is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and employment for Black and brown students and professionals across the U.S.  
The nonprofit started eight years ago and offers a 12-month innovation fellowship program to college students and young professionals looking to start their career in technology.  
Their mission is to give more people of color the skills and resources to create economic opportunities and a better life for themselves.  
“Growing up in the South Bronx, you definitely see all ranges of people in society,” said Ezquiel Esparza, a current fellowship student. “You can see how life can turn out if you don’t make the right choice.” 
The innovation fellowship helps to keep students motivated to reach success. Project-based training and internships are the main tasks for the students and are catered to them based on their career choice.  
The Knowledge House is hoping to expand the program and continue to change lives in the neighborhoods that need it most.  It also hopes the campaign will raise $2.5 million for up to 250 aspiring technologists.
Program applications will be open for the next innovation fellowship in February 2023.