Long Islander who was at Stonewall Inn riots says she'll continue to fight for LGBTQ rights

A Long Islander who was part of the landmark Stonewall Inn riots say the experience changed her life.
Rusty Rose was 17 when she went to the Greenwich Village gay bar with a friend 53 years ago.
She says plain-clothed police officers came in and started to rough up patrons and make arrests.
Rose says she didn't know it then, but the fights and riots at the Stonewall Inn would help spark the LGBTQ rights movement.
"It was like, 'Enough, we are going to resist, we are not going to go quietly,'" Rose says.
Now 70, Rose says she was always an advocate for change and is proud to have been part of the riots.
Rose says she has met some of the officers who raided the bar and forgives them.
"You know we have to all reconcile because you can't make progress if there is no reconciliation," Rose says.
Rose is proud that Pride celebrates are in the open and LGBTQ rights are better, but continues to worry about anti-gay hate.
She says she still has some fight left if the LGBTQ movement needs her help.
"I've got my boots on and I'm ready to rumble if it comes to that," Rose says.
Rose is a poet, who has had her work published. She says her work serves as anthems for the LGBTQ movement.