‘Love, not hate’ – Williamsburg rally denounces hate crimes against Asian Americans

Ralliers gathered in Williamsburg Saturday to say they will not tolerate acts of hate against the Asian American community.
They said while their community hasn't seen hate incidents, it was still important for them to share this message.
Demonstrators raised their voices with chants of "love, not hate." That was the message that Assemblymember Maritza Davilla, county committee members and the NYPD community affairs for the 90th District said they wanted to get out.
Speakers of different backgrounds said it was important to denounce hate, and after listening to speakers, protesters walked around Sternberg Park with the hopes to create even more awareness.
"We want to make sure we stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves and that hate doesn't come to this community. We're a very diverse community of many backgrounds, races, nationalities and we want to make sure everyone feels safe in our community," said county committee member Laverne Bowman.