Man charged with fatally shooting woman in Home Depot parking lot appears in court

The man who was charged in connection to the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old woman over a Home Depot parking spot in Bed-Stuy appeared in court on Friday.  
Imani Sharpless, 26, was shot to death following a dispute over a parking spot that took place last September. Her mother, Alverna Sharpless, has been grieving ever since – but is still keeping her head high. 
“We want him to definitely pay for what he did, but we want him to know that we forgive him,” said Sharpless. “I’m here, and God is good, and I have some amazing support from people who support me and love me, but it’s hard… every day is hard.” 
Quincy Davis, the 58-year-old man, accused of shooting and killing Imani Sharpless, appeared in court as the case moves through its discovery process.  
Davis’ face was covered by a surgical mask and beanie, and family members of Imani Sharpless were inside the courtroom for Friday’s appearance. The victim's boyfriend, Cordell McDuffie, was also shot during the incident and told News 12 off camera that seeing Davis made him extremely angry.  
This Sunday would have marked Imani Sharpless’ 27th birthday.  
Davis will appear in court again in April.