Man overcoming his paralysis from accident honored at U.S. Open

One man who was told he wouldn’t walk again is pushing to overcome his paralysis through sport. 
Cory Moses was riding his bike two years ago, when a car door next to him popped open just enough to hit his handlebars, sending him into the road.  
He was run over by an SUV behind him, and as a result, his spine was severed. Doctors told him he couldn’t walk, and through surgeries, rehab and trying new things while wheelchair-bound, was able to take amazing strides in his recovery.  
“He defined himself by his possibilities rather than his limitations,” said one health care worker who worked alongside Moses during his rehab. “As a psychologist, I was really taken by that.” 
Moses began to regain feeling in his lower half, eventually being able to stand with only braces. Once out of the hospital, he immediately got involved and active, taking up wheelchair fencing, and later tennis.  
The U.S. Open invited Moses to the event, inspired by his story. But Moses and those around him are most interested in sharing his story of recovery.