Marlborough Houses residents: No gas to cook Thanksgiving meal this year

Residents at the Marlborough Houses say they are fed up living without gas.

They tell News 12 it's been two months since they have been without gas to power simple appliances like the oven, and now it's putting a damper on the holidays.

One resident says she cooks with her granddaughter every Thanksgiving, but this was the first year they haven't had a turkey. She says she had to borrow a toaster oven and buy pre-made food at the grocery store.

“It’s frustrating. It angers me because it is included in our rent,” says Margie Simmons.

Councilman Mark Treyger tells News 12 he's trying to get to the bottom of the problem, insisting that NYCHA deliver Thanksgiving meals to residents.

NYCHA confirmed that 57 meals were handed out. They say the outage is due to a leak in the building's heater and that work will begin on Monday.

NYCHA added a statement saying in part, "We can only restore gas when the root cause of the outage is fully addressed, testing is complete, safety is ensured and we have sign off by the provider."

Residents tell News 12 that no timeline has been given to them about when gas will be restored. They say they hope it is restored for Christmas.