Mayor Adams, City Council at odds over homelessness issue in NYC

The City Council and Mayor Adams aren't on the same page when it comes to homelessness in the five boroughs.
The council passed a package of bills last month that would address the issue plus evictions, to which Adams vetoed, only last week for the council overrode that veto. The overriding of the veto twice marked the first double-veto in more than a decade.
“I don't know what the mayor's reason is to be honest with you, but if you could figure it out it'd be great to know,” said Deputy speaker Diana Ayala.
The bills, some of which are sponsored by City Council member Pierina Sanchez, would also have made access to city FHEPS vouchers easier. That not only goes just for those in shelters, but also for those struggling to pay rent now.
"The idea behind all of this is to allow people to become self-sufficient, to allow them to stay in their communities,” added Ayala. “I don't understand why there would be any level of resistance coming from city hall, and quite frankly, I find it shameful."
Fiscal impact also seems to be the biggest issue. Adams’ office points to the Office of Management and Budget Analysis that estimates a cost of $17 billion over the next five years.
“We are disagreeing about the cost estimates coming out of the administration,” said Sanchez. “We do not believe it will cost $17 billion, we actually believe there would be cost-savings, significant cost savings associated.
Analysis done by two groups -- the nonprofit Win and the Community Service Society of New York - back up the idea of potential savings.
A spokesperson for the mayor's office told News 12, “Both estimates claim savings far in excess of the entire population in our system due to eviction."
The laws would go into effect in six months and the issue could end up in court.