Mayor Adams: New AI chatbot makes it easier for small business owners to access information

Mayor Eric Adams announced the second phase of a new artificial intelligence plan Monday that aims to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers.
Mayor Adams says the new plan will be a one-stop shop for small business owners in the city looking to access information and resources faster. He claims the plan, which implements a citywide AI chat bot, will be the first of its kind for a major city in the United States.
This chat will be available through a new “MyCity Business” site where entrepreneurs can get questions answered including how to start, operate and grow a business in the city.
The mayor says the new initiative will grant people access to more than 2,000 business websites to ensure accurate information is being generated.
When it comes to concerns over AI replacing manpower, the mayor said, "It's almost like if you are a banker. Instead of you having to add numbers in your head, you can use a calculator. We're not going to displace that human element – we’re just allowing you to do your job faster."
The MyCity Business site and chatbot are still in the developing stages. It will be expanding in the coming months.