Mayoral candidate Ray McGuire plans to use Wall Street experience to NYC recovery

Ray McGuire, the former vice chairman of Citigroup, is one of the many candidates running for New York City mayor.
McGuire described himself as the "longest standing head of an investment bank in the history of Wall Street.”
“I'm not looking for a promotion. I'm looking to do what's in the best interest of New York," he told News 12.
He says his economic plan is to focus on 50,000 small businesses and give them subsidy for wages for one year.
McGuire says he also wants to focus on the criminal justice system.
"I stand for reallocating, reforming, and getting support," he says. "The reason why there's a bridge between the police in the community, it's because we haven't seen any of the serial abusers held accountable.”
McGuire says he wants to invest in community policing and make sure the Civilian Complaint Review Board is “empowered.”
The mayoral candidate says he wants to ensure families, students and schools are well supported across the city.
“Pre-K is good, we need to execute it better, but often, by the time our kids got to pre-K, they're already behind,” he says. “So, I want to start at zero, which means affordable child care…it means affordable parent care."
Extended interviews with Ray McGuire and the rest of the candidates can be found here.  
May 28 is the last day to register to vote in person or have mail-in applications postmarked by. Anyone that needs to change their address needs to do so by June 2. Primary Election Day is June 22.