Medical examiner truck towed from NYCHA complex in Fort Greene

Some residents at the Ingersoll Houses say a tow company contracted by NYCHA has been ruthless in towing vehicles around the complex, including an unmarked medical examiner's truck.
A neighbor provided a picture to News 12 that appears to show workers from the Medical Examiner’s Office standing next to a gurney carrying someone who died just after their truck was towed by NYCHA.
NYCHA told News 12 in a statement, "The van did not have any credentials indicating that it was a city vehicle or from the Medical Examiner's office. It was returned at no charge as soon as it was properly identified."
The tow company also confirmed that order of events. Residents say there have been similar incidents where they have towed service vehicles or cars that belong to the caretakers of the complex. Those vehicles were towed from a driveway where service vehicles park because parking is limited. The tow company is now allowing service vehicles to park there for up to 30 minutes.
Signs in the driveway say only those with a valid NYCHA permit can park in the complex. Vehicles without a permit are subject to towing.