Meet Amos the pelican: Bronx Zoo debuts new member of its wildlife family

An American white pelican standing almost 3 feet tall is the newest member of the Bronx wildlife family, and his name is Amos. 
The unique pelican was rescued in 2016 after he was shot mid-flight in the port of Corpus Christi, Texas.  
Amos was shot in both of his wings. A wildlife rescue center at the Texas State Aquarium held him for rehabilitation until the Bronx Zoo took him in. 
Now he's a permanent Bronx Zoo member and has been adjusting to his new team of handlers at the zoo since November. 
Amos has a wingspan of 10 feet. Unfortunately, due to the injuries Amos suffered in 2016, his right wing is permanently damaged. 
This means Amos cannot be released into the wild. 
The pelican joins a family of nearly 200 animals, all part of the zoo’s Ambassador Animal Program.