Meet the eclectic Brooklyn artist behind Yankees GM Boone’s custom cleats

You may have noticed the special cleats Yankees manager Aaron Boone wore during Sunday’s game.
News 12 had the opportunity to meet the artist behind them.
Meet Andy Friedman. The Brooklyn artist personally designed the cleats for Boone. They depict images of the manager’s family, including pictures of his brother, father, and children.
“Aaron Boone was interested in wearing a pair of my painted Boone family portrait sneakers for Father’s Day,” said Friedman, “and it was my pleasure to collaborate with him on that and we came up with something pretty cool.”
Friedman not only works on art – he is also a writer, musician, cartoonist and illustrator. He was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, which he says shifted his creativity and forced him to let go of perfectionism.
When asked what’s next, Friedman responded by saying there’s beauty in not knowing exactly what that may be.