Melrose residents fed up with raccoon issues from March

Some Melrose residents say they are fed up with local raccoons that have been making noise and rummaging through trash in their neighborhood. 
Vita Haskins spoke with News 12 earlier this year regarding this same issue, which she took into her own hands by capturing some of the pesky rodents that have been causing her and other Melrose residents issues since March of this year.  
“We hear them through the walls, they run around, waking me up at three o’clock at night,” said Haskins. “I have to get up in the morning for the kids to go to school.” 
Haskins says most of the damage that the raccoons have caused has been outside of her home but that the screen meant to keep them away was destroyed and hasn’t been replaced yet.  
A hole where the raccoons are believed to live is connected to Haskins’ home and her landlord says that she has tried to find a solution with the owner of the property next door.  
Yensi Rivera, a local neighbor, says she took matters into her own hands, hiring someone to place cages around the home to capture the racoons and fix damages.  
“I feel that the city should get involved,” said Rivers. “I know they have come by, they’ve knocked on the door and since no one’s answered, they leave.” 
News 12 has reached out to Rivera’s landlord and is awaiting a response.