Middle school students in NYC, Long Island find passion for podcasting

A group of middle school students from New York City and Long Island are getting airtime on an original podcast they helped to create.  
The podcast, called New York Edge Formative, has been up and streaming online for months. It’s run by student podcast hosts, who spoke to News 12 about why they decided to get on the mic.  
“A lot of the times, what you see on the Internet is not the real person that’s inside,” said Allyson Melendez, a Bronx native. “I love getting to know those people.” 
Melendez and Rokiat Odousanya are two of the dozens of students who are able to host this podcast virtually from their schools using professional podcasting technology.  
“When you can create opportunities for young people, they flourish,” said Rachel Gazdick, CEO of New York Edge. 
Gazdick helped create numerous after-school programs that serve around 25,000 kids. When it comes to the podcasting, Gazdick says she prefers to be nothing more than a co-host.  
“I decided to co-host with the kids, but in my mind, they would really take over,” said Gazdick. “They learn podcasting techniques, and they learn how to ask really sharp questions while interviewing so there is a lot involved.” 
The students have become known for asking hard-hitting questions and even interviewing prominent figures such as authors, the ambassador of Switzerland, restauranteurs, and more.  
New York Edge Formative podcast already has three seasons going and they plan to start their fourth season soon.  
For more information on the podcast, click here.