Middletown mayor aims to ban dispensaries, marijuana cafes

Middletown could be next to say no to marijuana sales.
Middletown Mayor Joseph DeStefano is pushing the City Council to prohibit dispensaries and marijuana cafes, where people can smoke.
Municipalities across the state have until the end of the year to opt in or out of marijuana sales.
Those that opt out, can opt in in the future.
DeStefano says he thinks the city should opt out because he believes minority communities are being wrongfully targeted to consume marijuana and that it's not a good example for children.
"I don't see why anyone for a few dollars, any community for a few dollars, would support placing this in the middle of their community and having people go in, get high as a kite, and then go out onto the street," he says.
The mayor says he agrees with decriminalizing marijuana and expunging people’s records - even allowing people to grow it in their own homes - but he worries what streets will look like if people can buy marijuana and smoke it wherever they want.
He also says they are drafting a law that will prohibit smoking marijuana within 100 feet of public places where kids are.
The city will be holding a public hearing about the issue on June 15.