Midwood resident says cleaner robbed her apartment of family jewelry, nearly $2,000

A Midwood resident claims her cleaning lady stole nearly $2,000 and her grandmother’s jewelry from her home.  
Ashley Duke says she no longer feels safe in her home after her cleaning lady abruptly left her apartment last week, leaving the cleaning supplies smack dab in the middle of the floor.  
“I thought something happened, I never thought that she stole and was never coming back,” said Duke.  
Duke says that when the cleaner left, she found that $1,800 was missing from her vanity drawer. Several days later, she realized her grandmother’s gold Guyanese jewelry was missing, too. 
“That was jewelry passed onto me to give to my future kids. A part of our culture, it's just something that can't be replaced,” said Duke.  
An NYPD spokesperson told News 12 that Duke’s cleaner has since been arrested and charged with grand larceny.