Migrant relief center tents now under construction at Orchard Beach

A migrant relief center at Orchard Beach is in the process of being constructed for incoming asylum seekers.
Neighbors from City Island were given a chance to ask questions and hear about what's being done at a public meeting that took place on Tuesday night.
Residents gathered at the Morris Yacht Club on City Island. Some left with questions that they say went unanswered.
"They sent someone here that has no idea what they're talking about," said one resident. "We have no idea who he refers to as 'they,' who 'they' are that make these decisions or where the money comes from."
While many of the questions focused on immigration, which the representative from the city's emergency management office was unable to answer, others asked about safety and precautions regarding anyone arriving with a criminal background.
The moderator said the National Guard will be at the facility as part of security.
The site will soon become the temporary home for up to 1,000 asylum seekers coming into the city.
The initiative is a part of Mayor Eric Adams' humanitarian emergency response to address the influx of migrants.
Once the tents are up and running, asylum seekers will be transported to Orchard Beach by bus from Port Authority. They'll be allowed to stay for 24-96 hours.
A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. to allow residents to offer input on using the Orchard Beach space for asylum seekers.