Morrisania apartment tenant in battle with NYCHA over ‘deplorable living conditions’

A woman is in a constant battle with NYCHA after she’s made repeated calls to get what she calls “deplorable” conditions in her Morrisania apartment fixed.
The tenant, who asked to remain anonymous, says she’s been dealing with mold, stains and parts of the wall peeling off for more than five years.
The tenant says she submitted tickets to NYCHA to get these issues fixed, but only temporary fixes were performed.
The mother of three children with one more on the way says all these issues are impacting her health.
"We had to all go to the hospital to check ourselves out and, unfortunately, I left with a nebulizer, albuterol, an asthma pump. Our body is just reacting to it at this point," she said. "No one should live in these types of conditions. Their health is at risk."
The situation is heartbreaking to Kisha King, the tenant's mother, who visits from Long Island.
"When I walk into her house, it's hard to breath. The air is not right, it's a little thick," King says.
News 12 reached out to NYCHA who said they are aware of work orders for plastering, carpentry and painting, that it will plan accordingly.
The agency also said they would conduct an inspection and assess needed repairs. The tenant, however, says the last time NYCHA stepped in was about two weeks ago when they cleared a backed-up tub.
Now, King says she's considering taking the matter to court.