Mother: PS 264 lunch aide discriminated against son for fasting during Ramadan

A civil rights complaint was filed against the Department of Education after a family claims a school lunch aide at P.S. 264 bullied and discriminated against a Muslim fourth grader.
A Bay Ridge mother says she is angry about the way the aide treated her 9-year-old son, who was fasting for Ramadan back in May.
"She humiliated him, she emotionally abused him, she segregated him and punished him by using his religion against him," says Zaman Mashrah.
Mashrah says her son Ilyas Aljahmi was supposed to go upstairs during lunchtime with other Muslim students who were fasting so they didn't have to sit in the cafeteria while others ate. But instead, she says the aide singled out her son.
"She claims that my son was laughing or mocking her, which he wasn't, and she told him in front of his peers, 'Since you are laughing, I will put you in the cafeteria to watch all the kids eat, since you are laughing," says Mashrah.
On Wednesday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a civil rights complaint against the DOE for the incident. Since then, the family took their son out of the school and placed him in an Islamic school.
A spokesperson from the DOE says in a statement, "Schools must be safe, supportive and inclusive environments, and these very concerning allegations were immediately reported for investigation. We take any allegation of discrimination seriously, and will review the complaint."