Mott Haven grandmother says her quality of life plummeted due to leaky apartment

One Mott Haven resident says she has been dealing with over a dozen leaks in her Millbrook Houses apartment. 
Michelle Pierce says that for the last three weeks, she has dealt with leaks coming from upstairs into her home. She says she’s been in contact with officials from the New York City Housing Authority during that time but says she has caught them lying to her about several issues.  
“I’m just tired. I just want them to fix it, that’s all I’m asking for,” said Pierce. “They get rent on time, why can’t the customer get what they need?” 
Pierce says that the effort she has to put in around the clock to keep her apartment dry is taking a toll on her health and quality of life.  
“I have to get up and make sure it’s not overflowing, it’s nasty,” said Pierce. “And it smells. I can’t take it.” 
Once the problem gets resolved, Pierce told News 12 she’ll be spending even more time and money to get her apartment back to its normal condition.