Mott Haven residents: NYPD needs to handle drug problem near elementary school

Mott Haven residents say they haven’t been able to get help from police about a drug hot spot near an elementary school.
Neighbors say there's always been a lot of drug use in the area around P.S. 277, but ever since the start of the pandemic, it's become worse. They blame a smaller police presence and on scaffolding built around the school that creates more cover.
Residents shared pictures and video that that they say shows drugs being used right on the steps in front of P.S. 277.
News 12 found multiple syringes around the steps of the school and in an empty lot right around the corner.
Neighbors say they've called police multiple times about it, but officers took an hour to show up. They also claim that officers say they don't see anything of concern in the area, so nothing has been done about it.
With St. Mary's Park across the street, plenty of kids going to the school and many families living in the area, neighbors say it's not just an inconvenience, it’s a safety issue.
German Ramirez, who lives in the area, called the situation “very frustrating.”
“We don't get help from anybody,” he told News 12.
Resident Fausto Garcia says, "I need more patrolling of this area, I need the precinct and the police officers to work with this neighborhood and work with the people that live around this neighborhood to resolve this problem."
Neighbors also say they want more done on the prevention side and would like to see some investment in community programs for both addiction treatment and youth education.
Police told News 12, "The commanding officer is aware of the condition and will continue to work to address it by partnering with other entities both inside and outside of the department. Additionally, the commanding officer will ensure there are increased uniform patrols around the school."