MTA offers employees 4 hours of pay to encourage participation in early voting

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority encouraged its employees to take advantage of this year's early voting in New York.
This all comes as a new law requires employers to allow workers to take up to three hours, without losing pay, to exercise their right to vote.
However, the agency says workers who went out to vote prior to Election Day, instead of taking time off that day, will be eligible for four hours of straight time paid.
The MTA says it's an effort to keep as much staff as possible working on the busy travel day.
News 12 reached out to the MTA for a comment. The agency said, "The MTA worked collaboratively with our labor partners to encourage employees to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in New York's early voting to ensure safe and reliable service. As expected, we'll be running full weekday service systemwide to get New Yorkers to work, home and the polls on Election Day."