Multimillion-dollar Pugsley Creek cleanup project completed a year ahead of schedule

Residents in Clason Point are breathing a little easier now that a multimillion-dollar cleanup project has been completed ahead of schedule.
Neighbors and businesses say the completion of a sewage cleanup project for Pugsley Creek is a breath of fresh air.
The Department of Environmental Protection, along with city's Department of Design and Construction, completed the work a year ahead of schedule.
“This $106 million project will help clean up Pugsley quick by reducing sewage or flow to the crew by 98%,”says Effie Ardizzone, of the Department of Environmental Protection.
The project included the installation of more than 2,200 feet of new water mains underneath White Plains Road. About 3,500 new sewage lines were also installed to help improve storm water drainage in the area. Officials say as a result less wastewater is going into Pugsley Creek.
“On a day like today when it rains, instead of having a large amount of sewage overflowing into Pugsley Creek we have a smaller amount way down stream into the East River where is capable of being absorbed into the river, "says Ian Michaels, of the Department of Design and Construction.
But months of construction work had businesses and neighbors fuming. Mainly because of the lingering smell.
The city says it continuing to make improvements and upgrades across the five boroughs to upgrade its aging sewage system. They say extensive work was needed for Pugsley Creek to enhance infrastructure and improve the creek's water quality.