Nassau unveils 2 proposals to protect police in the line of duty

Nassau County and police officials unveiled two new bills Thursday aimed at keeping officers safe.
Legislator Josh Lafazan was joined by Nassau PBA President James McDermott and several other officials to introduce the First Responder Protection Package.
The first bill involves implementing a Blue Alert system to inform all residents when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty.
The other bill would amend Nassau County's Human Rights law to include law enforcement officers as a protected class.
"The recent widespread pattern of physical attacks and intimidation directed at police has undermined the rule of law and put all of our civil liberties in danger," says Lafazan.
Both bills are aimed at protecting police officers who experience harassment, assault or injuries while on duty. 
The group LI United To Transform Policing & Community Safety issued a statement about the bill saying, "Legislator Lafazan is clearly choosing to emphasize he's in police union pockets. The PBA has supplied his campaign with thousands of dollars and his in-kind response is redundant legislation that provides protections that already exist in police contracts. Lafazan has access to budgets and legal documents that if he read, would prove his legislation is unnecessary." 
The statement continued, "The police will have another avenue to protect themselves but harm individuals financially and physically. There's no qualified data available to prove this bill is even necessary. It serves solely to protect cops from accountability and shield the department from releasing data related to the repeal of 50a. We still have not seen any data from the department about police involved violence or lawsuits involving police brutality, so this legislation is premature in many ways and adverse to the actual legislation that needs to be introduced and passed. Lafazan should protect all county residents and not just those that can afford to pay into his campaign coffers."