National Grid proposes bill hike that would impact New Yorkers

Your gas bill could see a $30 increase soon – National Grid has proposed a bill that would raise gas prices and impact New Yorkers across the city.  
The National Grid says this potential new rate would allow them to meet clean energy goals while giving customers a more reliable and safe system.  
However, residents in Greenpoint who live near the Greenpoint Energy Center say they want the National Grid to prioritize moving away from liquified gas.  
The natural gas facility has visible methane flares, something residents say they’ve had to deal with for years. They say the plant in its current state negatively impacts their quality of life due to air pollution, and a petition has started to demand that Gov. Kathy Hochul rejects this bill hike.  
“The nerve of them. We are already fighting their pollution they are spewing in the air above us,” said Elisha Fye, a lifelong resident of the Cooper Park Houses nearby the National Grid plant. “It has been detrimental to our health for decades.”