Neighbors: Stray cats could be trapped, dead due to actions taken by NYCHA building

 A few neighbors in Coney Island have taken it upon themselves to care for a group of stray cats living at a NYCHA location. Now, they’re scared that some actions being taken by the building could lead to the cats dying. 
The cats have been living underneath the Carey Gardens Community Center in Coney Island.
Over the past few years, the group has taken on the responsibility to feed the cats and make sure they’re OK. 
Holes in a wall seen in a photo shared with News 12 are now covered - trapping the cats inside. 
The neighbors say they have been taking care of these cats for several years now. They say they’d be heartbroken if they got stuck in the basement and starved to death. 
NYCHA responded with a statement saying, “The access points that allowed any stray cats to access this development have been boarded up.”