New book offers stories of businesses run by women of color

A New York-based organization focused on helping women of color be successful as entrepreneurs has released a new book.
"Pathways To Her Rise" offers a collection of nearly a dozen stories of women of color, and their experience in running businesses.
The book was written by Marsha Gurriere, who is also the CEO of Her Suite Spot. "You'll find stories of perseverance," Gurriere says.
"Women who share their stories of breaking the barriers." The organization raised more than $25,000; giving $500 to women of color who own small businesses.
The book launched for International Women’s Day. Female business owners, like Azra Khalfan-Kermali, say having an organization like Her Suite Spot helped them and their businesses through the pandemic.
"It's this peer-to-peer support we have across businesses," Khalfan-Kermali says. "But the peer-to-peer support that have within women networks is priceless."