New empowerment center opens up in the Bronx

Community leaders and elected officials gathered on Saturday to celebrate the opening of a new empowerment center in the Bronx.
The center was created to help spread positivity and to offer numerous services to families. These services include feeding the community life skills, career development and more.
This new empowerment center is part of "Not On My Watch Incorporated" a nonprofit organization that has been centered on helping families and helping women and young girls shy away from the scary streets of the city.
"This is something I thought of to make young girls aware about the traffic of women and it just blew up. I was able to come up with this and I continue to help empower them throughout life and childhood," said Pamela Damon, the CEO of Not On My Watch Inc.
The center will be open from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10p.m.