New HBO documentary highlights Fordham high school students

A new original documentary is releasing on HBO and HBO Max tonight, highlighting the challenges of being a high school student and the pressures of ranking at the top of their class. 
The film features students from the Fordham High School of the Arts in the Bronx, one of the three schools featured. 
The documentary, called “My So-Called High School Rank," highlights the everyday challenges of being a high school student and the competition to excel academically among peers.  
Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg produced and directed the film by first starting off at a high school in California, before making their way to Fordham High School of the Arts.  
Unlike the other two schools in the film, the filming of the documentary for the Fordham students took place at the height of the pandemic.  
Their rehearsals and musical production were through Zoom throughout the filming, but despite being apart, these students say the experience brought them together.