New law bans owners from knowingly leasing property to illegal cannabis, tobacco product sellers

Commercial landlords could receive fines up to $10,000 if they knowingly lease their property to unlicensed smoke shops selling cannabis and tobacco products illegally.
The new law has already taken effect, and members of the City Council announced the details behind these laws on Monday. Landlords will receive two notices informing them that their tenants are selling illegal products. If they can’t prove that they’ve begun eviction proceedings or other actions, fines will begin.
Commercial landlords will receive a $5,000 fine for their first violation and then a $10,000 fine for every subsequent violation. Elected officials say that the high volume of illegal smoke shops has made it harder on licensed disparities. At this time, there are seven legal cannabis shops in New York City, with one in the Bronx.
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Law enforcement officials say that they’ve already identified over 40 illegal smoke shops throughout the five boroughs and are prepared to start shutting them down.