New NYPD task force cracking down on pickpockets

A new NYPD task force is keeping a close eye on pocket thieves across the five boroughs.  
Thirteen officers are part of the new task force focused on keeping the personal property of New Yorkers out of the hands of thieves.  
"Wanted flyers, Crime Stoppers flyers, anything that they have on these people whether it be vehicles and stuff like that and then we place alerts, so we know when they're coming into the city, we know where they are,” said one officer in the task force.  
The officers in the task force say the pickpockets will stoop low, targeting the elderly and even using kids in there schemes.  
Wanted posters line the department’s walls, and officers say that residents need to stay aware and vigilant as the holiday season arrives.  
News 12’s Elly Morillo joined plainclothes officers as they hit the streets of Manhattan to give a first-hand look on what their day-to-day routine is like fighting back against pickpockets.