New pilot program in Brooklyn takes care of rat problem

A new pilot program in Brooklyn is taking care of an old problem - rats.
Officials told News 12 that more than 100 rats were caught in the monthlong pilot program alone. The new contraption is a rat trap imported from Italy.
It is being called magic by some and a necessity by others. Borough President Eric Adams announced that this trap and three others just like it have trapped and killed 106 rats around the area in the last month.
Sunflower seeds and nuts are put on the traps and when the rats are caught, they're submerged in a mix of alcohol and water. A layer of oil is supposed to keep the stench inside the box.
Importers of the unit and local leaders say it's a humane and environmentally friendly way to deal with the rat problem in the city that they call catastrophic.
There isn't an exact cost on the system yet, but estimates are close to $300 to $400 per month per unit, including a monthly servicing needed by an exterminator.
Borough President Adams says he now plans to expand the pilot program into a NYCHA complex and a building in Bed-Stuy, then hopefully the rest of the city.