New program aims to keep Fordham Road safer for businesses and shoppers

Fordham Road is one of the busiest shopping areas in the Bronx, and a new program created by the Fordham Business Improvement District is working to keep the area safe for businesses and shoppers.  
With over 300 businesses in the area, the Patrol Ambassador Program deploys five licensed security guards who walk through the district with the goal of observing, reporting and deterring crime in the area.  
The Fordham Business Improvement District designed the program to address safety concerns voiced by the local businesses.  
Four days a week during peak shopping hours, patrol ambassadors walk up and down East Fordham Road between Jerome and Washington avenues, engaging with business owners, providing resources, and checking in on any suspicious or unsafe activity.  
Khadian Crichlow, team leader of the ambassadors in this new program, says he believes their presence is already being felt, and hopes that their patrolling makes shoppers feel more comfortable on the road.  
“You speak to someone and they have some sort of memory or connection in relation to Fordham Rd.,” said Albert Dalipi of the Fordham Business Improvement District. “We want people to have good memories on Fordham and to establish a nice environment for people to come and shop and feel welcome and safe.” 
The Patrol Ambassador Program will run through the end of February, but the business improvement district is actively seeking more funding to extend the program. They hope to keep this program going as long as possible and are excited for the new jobs it may bring to the community.