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New renderings of proposed Coney Island casino released

The $3 billion development would have not just a casino, but also hotel, concert venue and event space.

Greg Thompson and News 12 Staff

May 29, 2024, 11:07 AM

Updated 24 days ago


Developers are helping Brooklyn residents get a better idea of what the future of Coney Island might look like by releasing several new renderings of the proposed casino development next to the boardwalk.
The development would take up multiple blocks and transform the iconic view near the corner of Stillwell and Surf avenues.
Reactions from community members that News 12 talked to ranged from "that's beautiful" and "those pictures are very inviting" to more skeptical responses like "the better it looks, the worse it is" and "that's very big building. It'll put a lot of businesses out of work."
The $3 billion development would have not just a casino, but also hotel, concert venue and event space.
It faces an uphill battle though, as one of at least eight serious contenders that are applying for just three downstate casino licenses.
"We've always been considered, this project in particular, as a dark horse," said Robert Cornegy, The Coney's lead consultant. "To be able to show that we have the architectural chops, this shows that we have the capacity to put forward a project at this magnitude."
The magnitude has also caused local concerns over traffic and safety.
Developers counter that they are working on plans to address all of those, and believe that the project would create 4,000 union jobs.
That number was enough to get Genesis Steward from Prospect Heights on board, saying "we just don't have a lot of jobs, especially in neighborhoods like this - people are struggling, so if a casino opens up more jobs, hey."
Others, like Vitaliy Yokui, from Coney Island, told News 12 they're against it, explaining that "there is already enough struggle going on here financially, and having people depend on gambling, it's just another addiction in the neighborhood."
The state says a decision on who actually gets those three casino licenses probably will not come until 2025.
Meanwhile developers tell us chances are they will try to build something on the site either way, but that it will look a little different if they are not awarded a license.

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