New shelter helps homeless transition to permanent housing

<p>The new East Flatbush Safe Haven facility is located on Clarkson Avenue.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 20, 2018, 10:30 PM

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A new homeless facility in East Flatbush is providing services that allow shelter residents to find permanent housing.
The new East Flatbush Safe Haven facility is located on Clarkson Avenue.
Officials at the facility say they help homeless New Yorkers transition into permanent housing by offering services such as housing guidance, support workshops and medical and psychiatric care.
“By being here, I was able to regain lost time and actually rebuild my confidence to actually go out there and try to rebuild my life,” says resident Kelvin Avrau. He says he was sleeping in his car just a few months ago.
The safe haven currently houses more than 100 people, reaching out to homeless New Yorkers and offering them a place to stay.
“It’s a critical tool that we have this help us bring 1,815 people off the street, who remained off the street for the last two years,” says NYC Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks.
The homeless outreach facility also keeps a photo wall showing the success stories of the 28 people they’ve placed in permanent housing.
“It’s hugely important for the outreach teams to have a resource like this,” says Deputy Vice President of Programs Amie Pospisil. “To be able to bring in the folks that they’ve been engaging with and that they’ve been able to finally, after many years, built trust.”

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