New video shows incident of shooting of off-duty NYPD officer in Queens

A new video has emerged showing the chaotic moments leading up to the shooting of an off-duty NYPD officer in Queens.  
The incident took place on Aug. 30, when a road rage incident turned south. Police say Officer Christopher Campos was driving in his personal vehicle when approaching a white van blocking the roadway.  
Words were exchanged before a second person came behind the officer and broke his window, when Campos revealed he was an NYPD officer. The man who recorded the video told News 12 that Campos tried to strike the man who broke his window seconds before the video began.  
A scuffle ensued between the three men and witnesses tell News 12 that a badge was not revealed from Campos during the incident, and the video has audio showing one of the men saying, “you don’t have a badge.”
Campos has three previous complaints filed against him with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. Authorities say that at one point, the two men tried to take the officer’s gun, and two rounds of shots were fired from Campos’ weapon as the fight took place.  
Edwin Rivera, 32, and his brother, 27-year-old Sean Rivera, are now in NYPD custody and face assault and a collection of other charges.  
Earlier on Friday, wounded officer Campos was welcomed with applause from his fellow NYPD members as he was wheeled out of Elmhurst Hospital.  
“We’re happy these individuals were charged with assault… we believe this was just charges and we need these individuals to stay in jail,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry.