New York City expands free curbside composting program to Brooklyn

Starting Monday, free curbside composting is available to all residents across Brooklyn.
The city first launched the program in Queens and between both boroughs, it is expected to serve 5 million residents.
To participate, residents must leave their food scraps, yard waste and food soiled paper in a clearly marked separate bin at their curb. The Department of Sanitation will pick up the scraps on the same day they pick up recyclables
The scraps will be diverted from the landfills and instead turned into renewable energy.
The city says the program will help fight climate change and the war on rats by cutting off a large portion of their food source.
The program is expected to expand to Staten Island and the Bronx on March 25, 2024, and to Manhattan on Oct. 7, 2024.
While residents can use their own bins, they can also order a free brown bin for free from the city through Oct. 13. For more information, visit the official website here.