New York City's first renewable diesel station opens in Greenpoint

The city's first renewable diesel station opened in Greenpoint Thursday at the Sonomax on Greenpoint Avenue.
Any vehicle with a diesel engine can stop by and fill up the tank.
"It's a good day for people that, you know, really care about sustainability," said Mike Devereaux, of Theatrical Teamsters Local 817.
"It's what we call a drop in fuel, which means you don't have to make any modifications to your truck, to your car. You can pull up to a pump and just fill it up like you would every single day," said Trucking Association of New York President Kendra Hems .
She also said prices right now are in line with traditional diesel fuel.
Hems said using renewable diesel fuel cuts up to 80% of a vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces particulate matter and nox emissions. That's progress toward fixing not just an environmental issue, but a public health one.
Experts say air quality, something that influences asthma, will be much improved in areas where vehicles are using this renewable fuel. Companies that rely on trucks will also reap the benefits.
"It should help fleet maintenance costs for companies with larger fleets because the trucks will burn cleaner, which will cause less problems," said Sprague Energy Director of Operations Tony Guidice.
Motorists who drive vehicles that run on traditional diesel can actually mix and match with the renewable diesel.