New Yorkers brave the hot weather; heat advisory active through 8 p.m. Saturday

A heat advisory is in effect for New York City through 8 p.m. Saturday for high heat and humidity. 
News 12's Heather Fordham was out in Thunderbolt 12 making sure you know how to stay safe and cool during the passing heat and humidity in our city. 
New Yorkers have taken to the fire hydrants on their block, opening them up to find a way to cool off. The city's Office of Emergency Management is warning residents about the negative impacts of this for both residents and the fire department. 
"We see people opening up fire hydrants around the city, that's not safe," said NYC OEM Commissioner Zach Iscol. "It increases the pressure in the fire hydrant system, which makes it more difficult for our fire department to fight fires."
OEM says over 900 hydrants were opened on Thursday, with many of those happening in the Bronx. Each opened hydrant sprays out around 1,000 gallons of water per hour. 
New York City officials are encouraging everyone to find ways to stay cool and hydrated as residents brave their way through this potential heat wave.
A heat advisory is issued when the combination of heat and humidity creates feel-like temperatures of 95 to 99 degrees for two or more consecutive days or 100 to 104 degrees for any length of time. 
The National Weather Service urges those in heat advisory areas to use air conditioning or go to a place with it if you do not have it in your home. 
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent breaks in shaded or air-conditioned environments for those who do outdoor work.