New Yorkers mask back up as COVID-19 cases rise in the city

With another wave of COVID-19 sweeping through the city and kids heading back to school, some New Yorkers are masking back up to protect themselves.
Bronx resident Peter Cordero says that regardless of the fluctuating cases, he still wears his mask when he feels he needs it.
"Sometimes I see 50 people on the bus and only one or two people have their masks on," says Bronx resident Lorenzo Rodriguez, "even though we're crammed in there like animals."
Rodriguez relies on public transportation daily and says even though the pandemic has been declared over, he still remains protected with a mask.
According to the New York City Department of Health, the seven-day average of COVID-19 cases was 672 as of Aug. 14, compared to 286 cases in May.
The city is distributing free COVID-19 test kits to those who need them during this time.
Public schools will also be giving out free rapid testing kits to all staff and students who have been experiencing symptoms or have been exposed.