New Yorkers test their luck as Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots exceed $400 million

With the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots reaching of over $400 million, New Yorkers are flocking to their local stores to test their luck.
News 12’s Julio Avila spoke with Bronx residents looking to cash in on the life-changing jackpot money at Big Three Wine & Liquor. 
“I’ve got a bit of it all,” said Jim McSherry, who News 12 saw buy multiple lottery tickets. “I’m going to hit something, one of the big boys.”
Even store owner Anthony Basso joined in on the fun. “Who doesn’t want in on the action, right?” he says.
The excitement was palpable at the wine store, and for good reason. In the shop’s 43 years, some have walked away with full wallets, according to Basso. “We’ve had a few winners, [a] lady won lotto once,” he said.  
The sale of Powerball tickets is already closed for Monday night’s drawing, but hopeful New Yorkers will have until Tuesday night at 10.45pm to get tickets for Mega Millions. 
As McSherry noted to Avila, “Oh, I’m still dreaming. When it happens, I’ll call you.”