News 12 Exclusive: Daughter fights for justice after losing mother to fatal hit-and-run

After losing her mother to a fatal hit-and-run in September, Laquanna Outerbridge is calling for justice against the person who was behind the wheel.  
From July to September this year, there have been thirty critical injury collisions where a person has left the scene, according to city data. Outerbridge is making sure that her mother, Kimberly “Keisha” Gonzalez, doesn’t just become a statistic. 
“My mom was a happy person,” said Outerbridge. “She was a loving person – caring for everybody.” 
The incident took place on Sept. 25 near St. John’s Place and Rochester Avenue, where Gonzalez was fatally struck as she was attempting to get into a Jeep Cherokee with her boyfriend at the time.  
They say that Gonzalez and her significant other, Michel Oddly, were arguing at the time. Oddly began driving off, causing Gonzalez to fall to the ground when a black SUV struck her and never stopped driving. Oddly was later charged with a suspended license. 
Over one month after the incident, the police have made no arrest, and Outerbridge feels she is left with no answers or closure.  
“Every day, I have to grow up without my mom,” said Outerbridge. “My son has to grow up without his grandma because you took her away from us - we did not deserve that." 
Police say there have been no updates on the case at this time.