News 12 joins NYC sheriff’s task force cracking down on illegal smoke shops

The New York City Sheriff’s Joint Compliance Task Force has been focused on cracking down on illegal smoke shops across the five boroughs.  
News 12’s Katelynn Ulrich joined the task force, where they inspected six Bronx locations for illegal vapes, cannabis products and more. The inspections revealed all types of products being illegally sold. 
"We don't know what's in here,” said one officer with the task force.
“So, they get these envelopes and they're getting the cannabis and packaging it themselves. That's why we don't know what they're mixing it with," said NYC Sheriff Anthony Miranda.
In 2023, the task force completed 1,600 inspections. In the inspections where product is confiscated, a thorough investigation follows – which can lead to violations, fines, or even the full shutdown of a business.  
“The ability to close down these shops is extremely important but that needs some revision in the laws so that's what we're asking for in Albany,” said Miranda. “This is strictly people who made a decision to disobey the law and violate every rule and regulation out there and that's why this enforcement is important." 
Members of the task force tell News 12 that many of their inspections take place thanks to complaints from residents, many of whom are grateful for their work.