NoMad becomes one of New York City's hottest neighborhoods

The Flatiron Nomad Partnership Business Improvement District has been refurbishing the neighborhood.

John Tejada

Jan 30, 2023, 3:04 PM

Updated 534 days ago


NoMad has become one of New York’s hottest neighborhoods.
Mario Messina has been living in the NoMad district in Manhattan for over 35 years. Around 12 years ago, he became involved with the 29th Street Neighborhood Association, climbing the way to president. “When I first moved here in the area it was a no mansland basically - it was a disaster!” said Messina.
Today, he’s excited to see how the neighborhood is shaping up. The Flatiron Nomad Partnership Business Improvement District has been refurbishing the neighborhood with street cleanings, homeless outreach, pedestrian plaza construction as well as investing in local businesses.
Longtime local businesses, like 16-year-old Buzz Wine and Liquors, say street sweeping has increased safety in the area. While new spots, like the almost 4-year-old Moxy Hotel Chelsea, say the neighborhood leaves a positive impact on guests and serves as a source of inspiration. “We wanted to pay homage to the flower shops that existed so the theme that resonates is floral, botanically inspired partnered with Italian romantic theme…actually partnered with brick and mortar shop called Starbright, which has a flower shop downstairs,” said Sean Johnston, general manager of Moxy.
According to the Flatiron Nomad Partnership Business Improvement District, pedestrian foot traffic has increased by 26% year over year in 2022 due to an influx of tourists and streetscape improvements. The Flatiron Nomad Partnership Business Improvement District runs from 31st to 20th streets and from Park Avenue South to 6th Avenue.  

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